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Nicaragua Nueva Segovia Maragogype

Nicaraguans typify the characteristics of Central American coffees. Its rich volcanic soils produce coffee that is fragrant, complex, moderately acidic (Jinotega and Segovia coffees are often bolder in this regard, however), with a nut and vanilla bouquet and a medium body. Coffee is one of Nicaragua’s major sources of foreign exchange and it provides the economic backbone for thousands of rural communities. More than 45,000 coffee farm families cultivate coffee in a way that preserves Nicaragua’s precious forests and threatened biodiversity. Most Nicaraguan coffee is shade grown.

The Maragogype (pronounced mar-rah-go-jeepeh) or “elephant bean” as it often called is a variety of Arabica known for its size. It is almost double the size of Arabica Typica and was originally identified in Brazil. The leaves of the coffee plant are large and the yield is low, but the cherries are big enough to compensate for this.






Milk Chocolate



Other coffees

Peanut, caramel, grape & creamy body. Goes down very easily!

Subtle hints of acidity, floral notes with plenty of sweetness balanced with a very smooth malty chocolate tone. Medium bodied, smooth, rich and very clean.

A clean, sweet, multi-layered coffee with hints of nectarine, apricot, melon, and jasmine.

Deep chocolate, caramel and praline notes with intense sweetness.

Milk chocolate, hints of cherry.

Notes of maple syrup, molasses and a slightly bitter aftertaste of dark chocolate.