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Grandissimo Espresso Blend

Made up of three solid and consistently obtainable beans, our Grandissimo blend brings together the nutty base of Brazilian San Antonio, the clean, caramel, & creamy body of Colombian Excelso, and the delicate sweetness along with a kick of the Indian Peaberry Robustabeans.

We designed this blend to please those that seek the “bullet” effect of an Espresso while making sure that the Cappuccino lovers got their caramelize cup of cocaine in the morning. Freshly roasted and brewed through pressure – you will see a gorgeous head of crema, so thick you’ll want to use a spoon to drink it.

The balance of eighty percent Arabica (Brazil & Columbia) and twenty percent Robusta (India) made of three sources is simple and straightforward – no need for over complicated recipes to reach a perfectly balanced cup of sexyness.









Our speciality coffees

Peanut, caramel, grape & creamy body. Goes down very easily!

Subtle hints of acidity, floral notes with plenty of sweetness balanced with a very smooth malty chocolate tone. Medium bodied, smooth, rich and very clean.

A clean, sweet, multi-layered coffee with hints of nectarine, apricot, melon, and jasmine.

Deep chocolate, caramel and praline notes with intense sweetness.

Milk chocolate, hints of cherry.

Notes of maple syrup, molasses and a slightly bitter aftertaste of dark chocolate.