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Mexico el Jaguar

This speciality coffee comes from the high altitude area of the Sierra Madre which borders the ecological reserve ‘La Bisofera del Truinfo”. Siltepec is a strictly high grown coffee bean which is harvested from December through to March.

This is a wonderfully versatile coffee working beautifully with all types of pour over coffee. The longer brewing allows the rich and unique flavours time to come forward. If you are using an espresso machine this coffee is equally impressive as an espresso where it’s acidity really comes through into the drink.

You could even try to make a “Mexican Coffee”…

Here’s how:

1 – Brew your espresso or brew a large amount of ground coffee with little water to get a super strong coffee hit.
2 – Add 25ml Tequila
3 – Add 25ml Kahlua
4 – Pour into fancy glass (you know, so it looks cool)
5 – Top with a generous scoop of melted vanilla ice cream and stir

Enjoy this sexy on your next Tinder date – literally 😎









Other coffees

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Notes of maple syrup, molasses and a slightly bitter aftertaste of dark chocolate.