Why is coffee Oily / Shiny sometimes?

Sometimes you’ll come across coffee that is oily or shiny – maybe you’ve wondred why?

Coffee has natural Sugars and Oils.  When Coffee is Roasting, these sugars and oils start to cook inside the bean. The longer the roast, the more these elements start to come out.

When we roast at G Coffee Company, we try to get these natural chemicals to come out in just the right way.  The beans turn brown because of the caramelizing of the sugars. This is why most of our Roast Levels on are in the Medium Spectrum.

However, if the coffee roasts for too long, all of these elements flood out of the beans and they become super shiny and black.  When this happens, we can say the Coffee is Burned.

As long as you find the right level of roasting, the coffee maintains a sweetness. If you go too long, the beans turn out to be all nasty and tasting like fish. Sometimes I burn a roast by accident and that’s exactly how the coffee turns out.

If the burned coffee isn’t too nasty, that’ll be my personal weekly supply. I’m letting you know just in case you’re thinking that I keep the best stuff for myself – I don’t. 😭

Now you have a better understanding of Why Coffee is Oily or Shiny sometimes.