Which Coffee (or Coffee Drinks) have the most Caffeine?

The Coffee Drinks that have the most Caffeine depends on MANY variables, but don’t worry because it isn’t that complicated. If you’re looking to boost the caffeine in your cup, you get to play with the factors below.

• Coffee Brewing Method:
∴ Each method of brewing coffee results in a different outcome (from syrup-like Espresso to light and vibrant Chemex).

• Water Temperature:
∴ The hotter the water, the faster the essence of coffee gets absorbed into the water.

• Water to Coffee Ratio:
∴ Using a lower proportion of water for higher amounts of coffee contributes to a higher dosage of caffeine.

• Extraction Time:
∴ The longer the water sits with the ground coffee, the more the caffeine will be absorbed into the water.

• Coffee type:
∴ As we mention with the differences between Robusta and Arabica, there is a higher concentration of caffeine in Robusta overall.

• Roast Level:
∴ As coffee gets roasted, the deterioration of chemicals accelerate.  This means that the darker the coffee, the less caffeine there is.

• Milk or no Milk:
∴ Milk coats the stomach and intestinal lining. By adding milk to your coffee, you are creating a barrier for your body to absorb the caffeine you’ll get in a cup of coffee.  Think of this the same way you’d drink a glass of milk before drinking alcohol or eating spicy food.

All of these are factors to how much caffeine you’ll get from a single cup of coffee. None of them are singularly the most important and all of them can be adjusted one way or another.

I’m sure you’d agree that coffee’s a pretty complex thing, but don’t get overwhelmed. Changing these variables one at a time will help you find which coffee drinks have the most caffeine while exploring which drink form you enjoy the most.