What’s the Strongest Coffee?

It’s good to ask What’s the Strongest Coffee because quite often we think that something Dark is Strong and something Light is Weak. That’s actually the opposite and I’ll be happy to explain why.

There are two “Strongest” categories here:

• Flavor
∴ The more you roast coffee, the stronger the flavor will become.  If you roast it too much, you might as well use it for chalk on the sidewalk.
• Caffeine
∴ When coffee beans are still green (unroasted) they have the highest amount of caffeine.  The more you roast, the less caffeine there is.

So if you want some super strong flavor, go for something DARK like Grandissimo EspressoNicaragua Primo Espresso, or (gulp) Decaf.

If you want something with high amounts of caffeine, look for the Lighter Roasts. Usually our African coffees will do the job because we roast them lighter.

FYI – I’m no Tea expert, but the same goes for White vs Black tea. The White tea has more Caffeine and the Black Tea has less.

So next time someone asks you What’s the Strongest Coffee; Brew them a delicate Chemex with a lightly roasted African coffee and SCHOOL their asses. 😉