What’s the difference between Decaffeinated Coffee (DECAF) and regular coffee?

The difference between Decaffeinated ( decaf ) and Regular Coffee boils down to an extra processing step after the coffee is grown.


To start, there is no such thing as Coffee grown without Caffeine.

To remove caffeine from coffee, producers use regular coffee (usually lower in quality) and put it through a number of processes until ~95% of the caffeine is removed.

At G Coffee Company, we take the extra step of roasting the Decaf dark in order to get more of that caffeine out of the bean.

This is an Interesting Fact:

• The caffeine that get’s removed doesn’t just gets tossed into the bin. It gets resold to companies for other products (i.e. Red Bull, Coca Cola, and pharmaceutical companies, etc).

I’m not a fan of decaf and I can sympathize with anyone that can’t drink regular coffee for whatever reason. If you have to drink it, my best recommendation is to turn it into a cappuccino to mask it into something a bit more tasty.

Now that you know the difference between decaffeinated and regular coffee, I hope you understand that there actually is caffeine in it.

Just not that much…