What’s the difference between Cappuccino , Latte , and Flat-White ?

There is only one technical difference between Cappuccino, Latte, and Flat-White Coffees: the percentage of Foam.

• Cappuccino ~50% foam
• Latte 10-20% foam
• Flat White ~5% foam

Let’s put this example into practice:

1. Take three identical coffee mugs with a capacity of 300ml.
2. Make three identical Double Espressos, each ~60ml and add that to each mug.
3. Create the warm frothy milk like we show in this video with foam for each and pour them into the mugs.

In the end, each cup will have:
• Cappuccino – 60ml Espresso + 120ml of milk + the rest in foam

• Latte – 60ml Espresso + ~200ml of milk + the rest in foam

• Flat White – 60ml Espresso + 230ml of milk + the rest in foam

To summarize this, the drinks from Strongest to Weakest in terms of flavor and caffeine:

#1 Cappuccino (strongest flavor & caffeine)
#2 Latte (medium flavor & caffeine)
#3 Flat White (lightest flavor & caffeine)

In terms of presentation, each place makes their coffee differently.  At G Coffee Company we start ALL drinks with a base of espresso, foam the milk, then pour.  Other places with do it differently because it’s all about each places’ style.

FYI – There’s no reason why there should be a price difference between Cappuccino , Latte , and Flat-White  .  Think about that next time you visit a café and see price variations. 🤔