What’s the best Coffee”?

People ask “What’s the BEST Coffee?” all the time. It’s an easy question that probably just pops up because there are too many choices so they’re looking for a recommendation.

You might be reading this, thinking that it’s simplistic, but it’s actually a very natural question – especially if you trust the person you consider to be a Coffee Expert.

There’s a problem with this question though, because it can only be answered by YOU.

“BEST” is subjective and there are a lot of things we don’t even realize when we qualify something (like coffee) as the “best”.

A lot of people say that Italian Coffee is the Best. Wonder why?

Because when they remember drinking coffee in Italy, they also remember being on vacation, in the summer, with no worries, sitting at a plaza watching life…

Of course they’d say that’s the best, I would too!

Atmosphere and experience has a lot of weight in our unconscious mind. That’s why there’s so much investment and research into Sensory Marketing these days.

But wait!

I can help you answer this question and this is usually how I do it:

Q1. Do you drink your Coffee with or without Milk?
A – MILK -> probably American
A – NO MILK -> probably NOT Espressso, more than likely African or Asian

Q2. How do you Brew your Coffee at home?
A – Pour Over (Chemex, V60, Aeropress) -> African or Asian
A – Pressurized (Moka Pot, Espresso) -> American
A – Other (French Press, Syphon, Cowboy Style) -> Medium+ Roast Level

Q3. Are you looking for High Caffeine or Strong Flavor?
A – High Caffeine -> Light Roast / probably African
A – Strong Flavor -> Medium+ Roast Level / possibly even Espresso

Q4. Do you prefer Nuts, Chocolate, CaramelFruit, or something “different”?
A – Nut, Chocolate, or Caramel -> American
A – Fruits -> African
A – Something Different -> Asian

From these questions I can usually find What’s the BEST COFFEE for you. I’ve tried my best to reproduce those question in the Filter sidebar of the SHOP page so you can answer those questions for yourself.