What setting should I use to Grind my Coffee Beans with my Thermomix?

So you just dropped over $1000 on a Thermomix, you’re super excited about all the cool stuff it can do, and now you want to Grind your Freshly Roasted G Coffee Beans in the Thermomix?


1. Start by opening the Thermomix lid, measure out 50 grams of whole beans, and close the lid.

2. Next, look in the mirror and yell at yourself.

In other words:

Don’t grind your coffee with a Thermomix.

Just stop.

The Thermomix isn’t a magical cauldron that can cook beef wellington, grind coffee, or bring lasting peace the the Middle East.

I don’t care what Steve or anyone else from 101CAFE says about using a Thermomix to Grind Coffe Beans.

Don’t do it!

If you need your coffee ground, we’ll be happy to do it for you at G Coffee Company.