Is Darker Coffee Stronger? Does Dark Coffee have more Caffeine?​

The Darker the Coffee the Stronger the Caffeine.This is a common misconception and it surprises many people when they hear that’s actually the other way around.


When Coffee is Roasted, it progressively Looses Caffeine. The taste get’s stronger, yes, but caffeine and other natural chemicals found in coffee leave the bean as it goes through the roasting process.

So to answer your question: no.

When Coffee is “green” (unroasted), it has the highest concentration of Caffeine, and vice versa.

On a side note, I wouldn’t recommend playing around with Green Coffee. Before it’s roasted, the bean is extremely dense and hard. It’s so hard that I’m personally scared to put it into any of my grinders – out of fear that it’ll damage the grinder.

Next time you’re having coffee with someone, ask them if they think if darker coffee has stronger caffeine – then surprise them with this new information. 🤓