Can I add Sugar to my Coffee? Is it Taboo to add Sugar to Coffee?

I’ve been asked if it’s Taboo to add Sugar to Coffee.


Coffee snobs say YES because you should be savoring  the subtleties found in each bean as it was cultivated with love and care.

You aren’t reading an answer written by a coffee snob though.  I personally add honey to my coffee, and this is something I’ve been doing for a long time.

In Vietnam they drink their coffee with sweet condensed milk.

There’s also this small place that built a multi-billion dollar company selling millions of super sweet coffee drinks all over the world. You might have heard of them – Starbucks?

I’m not saying that adding sugar improves the drink – some people just like it that way.  Try to avoid anyone that jumps down your throat because you’re making your coffee the way you want it.

There are ways to sweeten your coffee WITHOUT sugar.

In fact we use Lactose-Free Milk for our lattes and without sugar its perfectly sweet. That’s because there’s something going on with the proteins that bla bla bla science…

Try it without sugar first, if it doesn’t do it for you – break out the spoon and sweeten things up.

So, is it Taboo to add Sugar to your Coffee? No, do what makes you happy.