Our speciality coffees

Our coffees are all hand roasted on our own, hand built roaster that gives our coffee its unique flavor that you will not find from any other coffee roaster. Having won numerous awards for our coffee in 2016 and 2017 you will be sure to love what we have to fuel your day.

We regularly rotate our coffee range so be sure to come back and check out our latest roast each and every week.

Peanut, caramel, grape & creamy body. Goes down very easily!

Subtle hints of acidity, floral notes with plenty of sweetness balanced with a very smooth malty chocolate tone. Medium bodied, smooth, rich and very clean.

A clean, sweet, multi-layered coffee with hints of nectarine, apricot, melon, and jasmine.

Deep chocolate, caramel and praline notes with intense sweetness.

Milk chocolate, hints of cherry.

Notes of maple syrup, molasses and a slightly bitter aftertaste of dark chocolate.