When one cup isn't enough

The Aeropress accessory
You've been waiting for

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makes your life better

Meant for Many

Brew once and serve more than one cup at a time

Easy Cleaning

Made from XXX free plastic, one rinse does the trick

Endless Addons

If one isn't enough, get as many as you need

created out of impatience

to make a long story short, brewing two cups in the morning was a pain in the ass. 

It took too long.

By the time I'd get back to bed, she would already be getting dressed - which was NOT what I wanted.

V60 Drip-Assist for pour over coffee by Hario in Wroclaw

easy pour

easy to pour water and doesn't spill bla bla bla
aeropress micro filter papers 350 pack g coffee company wroclaw poland

increased capacity

increase the capacity of every cup by 2 and brew multiple coffees at once!
Aeropress available at g coffee company in wroclaw poland

save time

brew two cups and get back to bed so you can knock that pu$$y out!
coffee ice cubes by g coffee company in wroclaw poland kawa mrożona kawa

precision engineered

multiple iterations took place to proudly say that this was built to spec

Here's some shit about how handy the extender is for people

I give a little whitty story about it and hopefully people chuckle. I go a bit further just to make the wording long enough to look good. But who cares... 


here i talk about my experience and philosophy in the world of coffee since 2015

I'll say that coffee is something to be shared and connect people. I'll talk briefly about how it's not about the minutia but rather the experience - and it makes sex better.

thank you from Gaston Sitbon at G Coffee Company in Wroclaw Poland

Enough said

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