Exposing the Truth Behind Goat's Turkish Coffee Pot: A Deception Wrapped in Unoriginality

I cannot stand idly by while Goat, a company that has had a history on Kickstarter, leverage their audience's loyalty to market their latest release, a Turkish coffee pot, as a revolutionary new product on the market.

Misleading Marketing

When brewing Turkish coffee, it is an accepted fact that the coffee tends to boil over and make a mess. The traditional method of brewing Turkish coffee includes the use of sand to absorb the overspill. However, the video promoting Goat's Turkish coffee pot fails to depict this aspect of the brewing process and instead presents a pristine kitchen that more closely resembles a showroom for IKEA than a realistic representation of the Turkish coffee brewing experience.

Design Lacking Innovation

The design of Goat's Turkish coffee pot is lacking in innovation. The use of a hot plate, shape, and handle are not new or unique features. It is hard to believe that the team at Goat spent years, months, or even days developing this product. Rather, they took a traditional product and smudged some colors on it and spotlighted it trendy branding. The product seems like a result of brainstorming as “guys, we gotta come up with something… Anybody?... Anything?... Shit, ok let’s just find something on Alibaba and put the goat stamp on it. Make a video with a handful of actors coming from different demographics, and give it some funky branding! Genius!”

Exploiting Kickstarter

It is a disgrace that Goat is exploiting Kickstarter, a platform meant for innovation, to push this unoriginal and deceptive product. As a consumer, I rely on Kickstarter as a source for discovering new and exciting gadgets, but Goat's Turkish coffee pot has not only let me down, but it has also sullied the integrity of the platform.

In conclusion, I urge all consumers to be aware of the deception and lack of innovation behind Goat's Turkish coffee pot. Don’t be fooled by their misleading marketing tactics and instead support truly original and innovative products on Kickstarter.

Have a nice day.

PS - Did mention the discounted price of 42EURO (+17EURO shipping)? That's 197PLN for those in Poland.

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