So what is G Coffee Company?


Make Coffee fun (and sexy) again


Our doors opened in early 2015 to complete chaos, and incredible popularity, despite the chaos people kept coming back, showing us that our sincere efforts and friendly approach was appreciated by our Guests.

This was confirmed and reinforced on multiple occasions when we were awarded 1st prizes year after year by popular vote through different organizations in the city – 2016 Kawa Festiwal, 2017 Café Crawl BGM, & 2018 WE Best Coffee Shop.

It made us want to reach out further and spread our ideas of good customer service and great coffee.


With a lot of help, we built a roaster from scratch and began roasting our own beans within a little over a year of opening.

We roast fresh coffee on a daily basis for our Guests and Clients – this is our lifeblood.

We also make customized Coffee Drippers for use at home, cafes, bars, restaurants, hotels, or even for offices.

Last but not least, in the summer of 2016, we began production of Nitro Coffee on a medium size scale. With a capacity of 180 liters a day, we supplied not only our cafe, two other cafes, but also a major IT company with a branch operating out of Wroclaw.

As time goes on, we work to improve and possibly expand on our products and services.[/animate_this]

Relocated to EkoBazaar

Production of Nitro Coffee began

Opened coffee house